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JEAH Communications, LLC

JEAH Communications, LLC has been in business since April, 1999. Their current shell server, AWWW.JEAH.NET is a Dual PIII 850MHZ with 1024MB of PC100 SDRAM, a 40GB IDE HD, and is connected via multiple 1gbit (1000mbit) links to Cogent, Telia, and AboveNet.

Their prices are quite competitive, and even low compared to some of the providers that have been in the industry as long as they have. A "Standard Shell", which gets you 3 background processes, unlimited quota, and the normal shell features, will run you $10/month, with a one-time $5 setup fee. Substantial discounts for quarterly and yearly pre-payment do exist. They also offer cheaper BNC accounts, IRCD accounts, virtual web hosting, and operate a domain registration company.

Upon initial login to AWWW, eggdrop installed quickly and without error. They have a pre-compiled eggdrop menu that allows you to choose from some of the older versions of eggdrop all the way to the most current. All you have to do is configure it for your specific needs, and of course add any special scripts or TCLs you require.

JEAH's server specs are impressive, and support is definitely above average, but their real strong point is in the vhosts. JEAH.NET, by far, has the best vhosts. They're very short, very hip, and very clever. The entire list utilizes hundreds of different domains.


Server Name
Server Operating System FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE
Speed Test - 827557 bytes received in 4.20 seconds (185.44 KB/s) - 2277216 bytes received in 13.46 seconds (194.81 KB/s)

Virtual Hosts Click Here
Uptime (Updated every 12 hours) 2:38PM up 139 days, 17 mins, 5 users, load averages: 0.24, 0.38, 0.98
Support Options - EFnet/DALnet #JEAH - (312) 752.JEAH


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